Firmware Scan

Make your Firmware Trustworthy

Firmware Basic Information

Provide basic information of the firmware, including SHA1, SHA256, Kernel and etc.

File System Information

Squashfs is a compressed read-only file system for Linux which compresses files, inodes and directories. In this test, it systematically tallies the file type statistics such as the number of conf, script, bin, key and other files.

Known 3rd Party Suite CVE Risk Report

Post-scan report based on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) which is an open industry standard for assessing the severity of computer system security vulnerabilities.

Sensitive Data Statistics

Assessment of the email, IP, URL, private or password vulnerabilities.

Cracked Passwords and Certificates Review

Check if your passwords or certificates are vulnerable.

Shell Dependency Backdoor Paths

Produces a visual guide of backdoor paths.