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How can AppScanOnline help secure your mobile applications?

Scan Your App

Make sure your mobile application undergoes our Gold Standard of vigorous Static and Dynamic Scans.

Fix Your App

With an AppScanOnline PRO subscription, scan all your mobile applications, access and download comprehensive reports to assist you in fixing vulnerabilities.

Publish Your App

Rescan again to make sure your mobile application is cleared of malware, viruses and vulnerabilities.

AppScanOnline PRO subscribers will be able to publish their apps with our Endorsement Certificate. So your customers can be reassured.

Stay Alert

AppScanOnline is constantly maintained and updated with the ability to detect the latest risks and vulnerabilities known.

Make sure your mobile application is scanned by AppScanOnline every time you have a new version to release.


Make your Mobile Applications Trustworthy

AppScanOnline utilizes dynamic and static analysis technology to scan the uploaded file using automated vulnerability detection, meeting OWASP Action Security Risks and Industrial Development Bureau App standards.

  • OWASP Top 10 2017: Detect the most critical web application security risks
  • Generation of a customized report in 15-20 minutes
  • Supports Android and iOS

AppScanOnline Video

For a quick overview of AppScanOnline, please click on the intro video.

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